10 Feb 2020

'A Hazy Moon' is Sienná's Latest Single From Her Album 'Moon Rituals'

Sienná is a Japanese expatriate in Norway and avantgarde artist/composer/producer who previously has sent out 7 original releases since 2005. She brings a ‘no rules’ approach to creating unheard sonic soundscapes through a command of the avantgarde EDM genre consisting of electronica, house, jazz, and traditional-contemporary Japanese.

'Moon Rituals' is Sienná's new album! Sienná, all the way from Norway, highlights her single 'A Hazy Moon' which is now officially live and available on all digital platforms.

This multifaceted artist took on the roles of composing and producing her tracks as well as writing the lyrics for each track, making it as personal as possible.

The album has been released via Anneirs Records and consists of chill-out songs – and explores all about the different phases of the moon in the Japanese cultural context.

"I decided to go back to my roots" says Sienná. She states that her hometown Kyoto, Japan and its local culture play a big role in her music career, so why not include this personal connection in the album?

Sienná leads you down the most wildly unexplored terrain of sonic-landscapes, and hopes the new album, Moon Rituals 月儀式, will provide you a refreshing twist in your personal playlist.


1. Moonrise 月の出
2. A Hazy Moon 月朧
3. Wesak on Mt Kurama ウエサク
4. Moon in the Water 月の鏡
5. Tsukiyomi 月読み
6. The Harvest Moon-Viewing Banquet 仲秋観月の宴
7. Snow, Moon, Flowers 雪月花
8. Crescent Moon 月の剣
9. A Pale Morning Moon 有明の月

Check out this rising star!

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